Export Consultancy

Our export consultancy service, analysis, project planning activities are starting, large market and company research services continue. At this stage, it is located in the markets where the most information on importers and distributors and the markets where your products are most affordable. Various effective methods are used for communication and online and traditional promotional means are used according to the budget to be allocated by the company. We list the companies that are seriously interested in the export of your products and discuss how they can meet their specific demands.

Some of the services we offer to our customers in export consultancy;


  • The market research,
  • Identification of potential buyers. (PAL)
  • Registration of sectoral sites.
  • The target of the export plan.
  • Determination of the fairs that your company can participate in,
  • The history of existing promotion and offer forms, completion and activation of the deficiencies (if any),
  • To answer the questions about the products in foreign language,
  • Presentation of sales offers to related companies,
  • Finalization of the processes such as payment, transportation during the export process of the product,
  • Letters of credit, if there is a letter of credit transaction.